Change in US-born Citizen Clause!

The US state of Arizona has been in the top news for more than a few reasons recently, immigration legislation that commands the immigration position check of each individual entering the state topping the record of reasons. With the continuing argument of the immigration bill which does not seem to end in no time, here is an additional issue that could lift human voices again. For, issues like inheritance citizenship have the strength to fuel anger among people. Though, this is not an issue in Arizona only- it concerns another thirteen states of the US.

A recently formed alliance of Republican US lawmakers, who are frequently refers to Grand Old Party lawmakers is all geared up to approach the Supreme Court to rule on the subject of ‘birthright citizenship’, thus challenging the US Constitution’s Citizenship Clause. They politician will approach the federal court in an purpose to put an end to the Citizenship Clause that states ‘all persons born/naturalized in the United States are the citizens of the state or the states where they live’.

The change that the union of Republican lawmakers wants in the Citizenship section of the constitution is that citizenship is supposed to not be given to United States-born children whose parents are/were illegal immigrants in the nation. The Citizenship Clause was put in the US Constitution to cancel the commonly known “Dred Scott Decision” of 1857, which assumed that black (Africans who were bring in to the US for slavery) people are not sheltered by the US Constitution and that they could by no means be the citizens of the nation.

The alliance, which is named State Legislators for Legal Immigration include more than 40 Republican politicians of the country. The alliance has big plan to bring in similar law which does not let children of illegal immigrants US citizenship in equal to fourteen states. States which can see the foreword of the bill include:

•New Hampshire


domingoarong said...

The Alliance of Republican US lawmakers should employ the words the US Congress used in the original Naturalization Act of 1790 so that the citizenship clause will be changed to read

Ali said...

This is unfair with immigrants in USA

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