Nova Scotia Nominee Program - International Graduate Stream

The International Graduate stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program allows the province’s employers appoint and keep hold of the international graduates who have been studying or living the Nova Scotia. This stream is destined for international graduates who are living and working in the province and have the purpose to establish their profession in Nova Scotia.

Eligibility criteria for the applicants of international graduate stream:
•Job offers for international graduates must need them to be in positions which accomplish the requirements of the NSNP, pertaining to the skill level.
•Graduates must have the necessary skills, qualifications, and training for the job.
•International graduates must have graduated in the last two years. They must have pursued the
Degree/certificate/diploma from a provincially-accredited post-secondary institution in Canada.
•They must be legal residents in Canada on a temporary work permit.
•They must possess the sufficient settlement supports.
•They must fulfill the criteria pertaining to age, language proficiency and education set for the International Graduate Stream.
•They must have a permanent, full-time employment offer from a Nova Scotia employer in their field of study. They must have been working in a regular position for minimum 3 months.
•Intention and ability to settle in Nova Scotia, permanently.


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