Business Immigration under BC PNP!

In the Business Immigrants Stream of British Columbia Nominee Program foreign entrepreneurs with experience who plan to invest in a BC business and contribute in vigorously in the management of the business to immigrate and afterward turn out to be permanent residents of Canada. The BC PNP nominates persons who have the ability to resolve themselves in the province; and they must be vigorously managing a business which will advantage the province’s financial system. The stream has three categories-

1. Business skills
2. Regional Business
3. Strategic Projects

All three categories have dissimilar requirements that the BC PNP be expecting applicants to meet those regarding the applicant’s personal finance; the quantity of investment; area inside British Columbia, in addition to the figure of local workers in the planned business. Next, the applicants should also meet the following criterion under every category:

•The planned business’ main purpose must be profit earning from lively income that comes from the supply of the business’ services and products.

•The proposed business ought to be contributing to the financial system of the British Columbia through either of the following:
◦ Make better technology commercialization.
◦ Boosting its research and development.
◦ Implementing higher approaches to traditional businesses;
◦ Providing services to an unlikely regional market; or
◦ Boosting the exports of its services or products;
◦ Increasing a variety of activities like value-added manufacturing or processing;
◦ Serving British Columbia with technology and skills


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