Who is an Authorized Consultant of Canadian Immigration?

They always have pioneering ways to evade the law. They pose themselves as genuine consultants. They mislead people by lying to them that they are "Authorized Representative". In doing so, they disregard the Canadian law. They are termed as "ghost agents" by those who are correctly authorized and credited by the government of Canada.

Be careful and take further vigilance when you contract with somebody who uses the term "Authorized Canadian Immigration Consultant” to make you consider that they are authorized by the government of Canada. Only and only those consultants who are Members in first-class standing with the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants are "Authorized". There is a modern tendency where unauthorized agents have protected approval to promote Quebec's Investors program. They are just promoters of Quebec's Investor Program for a variety of financial institute at the same time as they pose themselves as if they are authorized by the government of Canada to stand for clients in their immigration matters. This is surely not the case.

With the aim of checking the authority of the claim of an person being authorized, one needs to check if the name of that personality is listed on the web site of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants obtainable at

Unlike licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants, these ghost agents have slight or no training in Canadian immigration law, are not regulated and answerable and are not thankful to follow strict professional rules of conduct. With Bill C-35, the new Canadian planned law to criminalize these illegal agents, on the verge of being implemented, rapidly these impostors and con artists will have no place to hide and play with the dreams of people.

If you have deal with or have hired a person or company claiming to be authorized Canadian immigration consultant, you must check immediately with the CSIC to keep away from any future disappointments. Check with the CSIC member in a straight line if an individuals or company claims to be linked with a CSIC member in any way.


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