Documents Required With Canadian Immigration Application

Documents Required With Canadian Immigration Application depends upon the type of Canadian Immigration under which you are submitting an application.

1. Skilled Workers:
Under the Skilled Worker class of Canadian immigration, your primary submission to the Central Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia must include application forms, copy of your passport bio-data page and right Canadian government processing fees in Canadian dollars to be paid to the Receiver General for Canada.

2. Canadian Experience Class:
Under the Canadian Experience Class category of Canadian immigration, supporting documents will include proof of your language proficiency (IELTS and/or TEF results), proof of your having worked in Canada and, if applicable, proof of your post-secondary studies in Canada.

If you are inside Canada on a Work Permit and maintain points for Arranged Employment, you should also take in a copy of your Work Permit and a letter from your company indicating that you will be employed indeterminately upon receiving your Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa or otherwise you are supposed to take in a photocopy of the Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) issued by HRSDC regarding a permanent job offer that you have received from an authentic Canadian employer. Additionally, all applications have to comprise supporting documents regarding their civil status, edification, work experience and language ability (IELTS and/or TEF results) in addition to evidence of sufficient resolution funds. evidence that you have applied for police clearance certificate(s) must also be included with the initial application.

3. Provincial Nominee Program:
Under the Provincial Nomination Program of Canadian immigration or if you are intending to live in the Province of Quebec, you will have to present forms and documents as per the province's precise requirements.

4. Business Category:
In the Business category of Canadian immigration, supporting documents typically include evidence of civil status, business management/possession experience and documents that point out a sufficient amount of assets, lawfully obtained.

5. Family Sponsorship:
In the Family Sponsorship category of Canadian immigration, behind documents typically include proof of civil status, the real nature of the connection between the parties and the aptitude to commit to an undertaking of support.

Canadian Immigration Visa Offices might, additionally, have precise requirements about supporting documentation. It is worthwhile to look for expert guidance or instructions from the Canadian Immigration Visa Office to which your request will be submitted.


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