NOC 7216: Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades for Canada Immigration

The occupation of NOC 7216 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades has been included in the list of 29 occupations under which an applicant can apply for the immigration and permanent resident status in Canada under skilled worker category. Currently Canada is facing shortage of manpower in this profession.

Education, Experience and other Qualifying Criteria for 7216 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades:
•An applicant must have completed his education up to at least secondary school.
•The certificate as a journeyman or woman trade is also required.
•An applicant must have work experience of few years as a well qualified tradesperson in his field.

Duties and Responsibilities for 7216 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades:
Contractors and supervisors in this unit group are required to perform the following tasks:
•To give various suggestions to improve the productivity of the team.
•To give training or make arrangements for the training of new employees.
•To recommend some person for work and can also refer some employee for promotion.
•To ensure safety in the work place to prevent any accident to occur.
•To prepare reports on production and other work related activities.
•To place orders for the materials required and also does the supply work.
•To resolve various issues in relation with work and workers problems to maintain the harmony within the team.
•To supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of helpers and laborers.
•To to do the supervision, co-ordination and preparing the schedule chart of work activities for the workers.
•To make sure that work activities go according to the schedule and also co-ordinate the various work activities of one department with the other.
•These workers mainly repair and maintain aircraft , railway locomotives and cars , construction and other heavy equipments, textile equipments , heating equipments and furnaces, industrial machinery, transformers and other electrical equipments , air –conditioning and refrigeration equipment , transformers and other electrical equipment , electrical appliances and other equipments such as snowmobiles, outboard motors and motorcycles.

Some Sample Titles of 7216 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades:
o Heating Systems Contractor
o Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Mechanics Foreman/Woman
o Aircraft Mechanics And Inspectors Foreman/Woman
o Electrical Mechanics Foreman/Woman
o Appliance Repair Shop Supervisor
o Industrial Mechanics Supervisor
o Motor Vehicle Repair Shop Supervisor
o Small-Engine Repair Shop Supervisor,


Anonymous said...

what is the minimum qualification for NOC 7216 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades for Canada Immigration

neel said...

i am B.E(mech)& have 4 years work experience in industries.may i applicable to immigration to canada?plese give me reply on

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am Bachelor in Science Bsc. 14 years study + 3 years Diploma in machenical engineer (from Vocation Training Institute), So total study Years 14+3= 17 Years,
Shall i will get full 25 pints of education factor from 67 pass points. Please advise me

Comrade said...

Dear Neel,
Yes you can apply for Canada Immigration

Comrade said...

Dear Anonymous,
BSc and diploma are equivqlent and its hard to get 25 points. You will likely to get points of 15 years of education

Anonymous said...

Dear Comrade,
I have a BA Arts+ 1 year technical Diploma(During my BA study years-Evening clases)Plus, Master-MBA. can u advise me that i am qualifying to have 14+1+2=17 years study and get 25points.

Anonymous said...

Revised.....Please answer me if u know about the following...thanks
Dear Comrade,

I have a BA Arts+ 1 year technical Diploma(During my BA study years-Evening clases)Plus, Master-MBA. can u advise me that i am qualifying to have 14+1+2=17 years study and get 25points.

Anonymous said...

i am on job as a "supervisor printer repair workshop" i have master degree in managment including electronice trade diploma one year.does i qualify for NOC 7216- as skilled independed immigration.

Anonymous said...

i have 10th+3year mechanical dipoloma+1year mechanical maintenance diploma regular study
can i get 10+3+1=14year regular study point

Anonymous said...

Dear sir
i have 11 years experince in teaching of aircraft maintenance in college. can i apply in this subject

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

i am graduate in arts 10+2+3, and technically qualified in motor mechanic trade certificate i.e.,I.T.I 10th+2. Presently working in saudi arabia in General motors dealers for american cars since 18 years in control section of service department. Kindly reply me on

Anonymous said...

dear cormade im Faisal here i am a BE graduate in automobiles..
i have an experience as automotive body shop supervisor for more than 2 yrs... can i apply for the immigration?
please let me know my id is

Sandeep said...

I have complited Diploma in Mechanical Engineering..after my 12th+ 2years(Diploma)& 4 years of experience as production supervisor in mech trades.. Can i apply for PR ??

Anonymous said...

I am a mechanical engineer now working as a supervisor of a team of workers who install and repair heating systems.
Di I have to have a cerificate of a journeywoman trade or my Diploma of a mechanical engineer is enough.
Thank you.

Prabhjot said...

I m a Mechanical Engineer worked in MNC as Air conditioning Engineer carrying 6 yrs of work exp.

Vijay Kumar said...

I am a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, and also i hav two years experience as a production Engg, from Atul Fastener's Ltd. , mohali, india.Presently i m working with this firm, so please tel me Can i apply for NOC 7216- as skilled independed immigration.please answer me on

najeeb said...

dear comrade i wanted to ask you if my brother can apply in mechanic categroy,he has a one year diploma in automobile from polytechnic institute and is qualified to matric,has excellent command of english language and has great skill as a detailed trademans

Anonymous said...

Dear comrade

Is it possible if we show the current designation as a GM under noc 7216 my application could be rejected whereas my job responsibilities are matched 90%?

patelkrupesh said...

dear sir
i am a i.t.i fitter and i have more than 4 year experience can i applicabl to work and PR for canada plz reply me on my e mail id


hello sir, i have seen these 29 occupations on many websites or even on CIC, but all are showing different categeories so which are the new ones?
Many thanks

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