Financial Assistance to Be Provided To New Canadians!

Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants each year. To the extent that the statistics from Citizenship and Immigration Canada is concerned, year 2008 saw the migration of 250,000 applicants, which incorporated 87,650 who preferred Toronto as their immigration destination while 37,635immigrated to the stunning place Vancouver.

Canada has always greeted people from all over the world with open hands. Additionally, the country also helps new comers when it comes to providing assistance to these new immigrants and helping them relax in life.

In an additional attempt to give assistance to new Canadians, the federal government has come out with ample of programs to offer help on very important aspects of life in the country. For example, knowledge about aspects of banking and economic factors is give by the Immigrant Settlement and Adaption program. It furthermore provides precious information on employment and education related queries which the new Canadians suffer on a customary basis.

In a further example, all the credit linked queries are solved by the Immigration Loans Programs. Other documents connected with medical examination and travel related costs and papers necessary for the same are guided by the similar body.

Additionally, new comers would be granted monetary help from the banks in Canada. Such as, essential devices and products would be given to the new comers by the BMO Bank of Montreal under their recently implemented package.


Venkata said...

I was told my friends got 4 benfits in the second month of their arrival.
In July they got Child benfit and along with it they got 3 checks related to HST,GST and what not. I submitted my details late in end june and I got my child benfit for my daughter during Aug 20th and only one benfit. I am wondering why other benfits are not provided to me.
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