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The current immigration time from CHC new delhi is defined as 79 months. People who applied from CHC New Delhi in 2007 can share their queries and concerns in the comments below


Sonali said...

If the time is 7 months than we will get visa in 2014. Isnt too late??????

Comrade said...

Their is a cap on new immigration pplications so there is good chances that this time period will decrease in near future

Anonymous said...

I have an application for canadian migration along with my family. we recieved my file number since november 2007, however until now i haven't recieved any request for my documents. its been 42 months already, and i have already fully paid all the required finances before.
What is the reason behind this delay?

Priyanka said...

Dear Comrade,

My sister received file number in Dec. 2007 from CHC Delhi under Skilled Worker immigration PR status. Please tell me when she will be eligible for IELTS exam..... Kindly let me know also which year applications are under process and when Dec. 2007 applications will start processing and maximum time for Dec. 2007 applications for completing immigration.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
Me and My husband have applied for Canada Immigration in Jan 2007.We got the file no in March 2007.that has mention we will get our visa interview call in 48-52 months.but till now we have not got any new.anybody has idea about exact time frame?

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
Same here i had applied in November 2006 and got my file number in January 2007.

But till date there is no communication from them.
As per my knowledge things are going very slow.
Also people who have been already there who have applied for Permanent Resident after being there for 4-5 years is taking around an year.

So it is difficult to know the time frame.
Also few people have earlier said that it took 8-10 years for some people.

But my friend who applied in 2001 left for canada in 2005 august.

I think Canada Immigration shall be much more transparent, So many people want to make there career and want to get settle in canada.
And when the same is uncertain a person residing in India or other county cannot settle in his own country as well.

I think there should be a mechanism to know presently they are processing the application for which year.


Abhay's world said...

hello comrade!!

Why isn't Canada able to completely finish the backlog till date? As per my knowledge a new backlog of 1 year is already setting up of skilled worker category from june,2010.Is there any hope that the backlog would be finished by the beginning of 2013??? please do reply!

Anonymous said...

i have applied for skilled worker visa (with family),in nov 2007. got my sw no in dec 2007, when can i get call from CHC Newdelhi

Anonymous said...

i have applied in july 2007 for pr on point system ho lng i have to wait for visa

Anonymous said...

hello comrade!!

I got to know that applicants of 2006 are receiving letters from PNP. Is there any hope for 2007 applicants also?? Please let me know...


Anonymous said...

This is the easiet way to make money and the economy stable in the country

navtej chadha said...

News Release – Government of Canada transforms economic immigration program

Ottawa, March 30, 2012 — To create a fast and flexible immigration system that creates jobs and promotes Canada’s long term prosperity, the Government of Canada will eliminate the backlog in the main federal economic immigration program.

“The Federal Skilled Worker Program backlog is a major roadblock to Canada’s ability to respond to rapidly changing labour market needs,” said Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney. “Having to process applications that are as many as eight years out of date reduces our ability to focus on new applicants with skills and talents that our economy needs today.”

As announced in Economic Action Plan 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is planning to refund fees and return stale applications from nearly all those applicants who applied under the dated criteria in existence before February 27, 2008.

Under proposed legislation, CIC will close the files of FSW applicants who applied before February 27, 2008, and for whom an immigration officer has not made a decision based on selection criteria by March 29, 2012. This is expected to affect around 280,000 applicants, including their dependants. CIC will begin the process of returning the full amount of fees paid to the Department by these affected FSW applicants. For those who have passed the selection criteria stage – approximately 20,000 people – CIC will continue processing their applications until they are approved for entry into Canada or not.

Anonymous said...

The measures which have been taken by canadian govt' about applicant of immigration ie, refund their money instead of immigration ,it is quite injustice. every applicants should raise their voice against this measures. What about the devaluation of money? Has canadian govt' thought about this? say, an applicant paid 5000 thousand canadian dollar before 5 years ago. and now this government wants to back 5000 thousand canadian dollar. is it fair? they should back five times of the paid money. it's the time they have to think about the cheating they have done with the applicants.

Unknown said...

Hiiiiiiii my father with whole of our family has applied for canada in year 2007 from chandigarh cwc punjab can anyone tell me what time is left????????? pls reply.

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