Why turn out to be a US Citizen?

If you are an immigrant or a stable resident in the United States of America and are considering on the scheme of whether or not to turn out to be a citizen of the USA, here are a small number of pointers which may facilitate you to better make a decision.
1. A citizen of the America has the right to sponsor family unit members for an everlasting occupant status or the Green Card of the USA. This condition would authorize a Green Card right away for the immediate family members. Relatives for instance those of siblings would have to stay as there are only a fixed number of visas which could be approved each year. This is precise for each country in keeping with the category.
2. A citizen can walk in and out of the nation whenever he wants. More so, he has the liberty to travel out of the country as many times as he wants to. In case of permanent resident, if he stays absent from the USA for more than 180 days, he may lose his Green Card.
3. When it comes to assets, no land tax has to be paid for the US citizen. With the tax code in place, it permits for free of charge property transfer between the spouses who are the citizens of the United States. In case the other half is not a US citizen, then such transfers would be taxed.
4. An immigrant citizen of a state would not be expelled lest of any assumed criminal connection. On the other hand, when it comes to permanent residents, there is probability of being deported on such allegations. This offense may be very slight in nature but the permanent residents are cause to undergo the authority of the Immigration Courts and the USCIS. A citizen has the fundamental right to stay in the United States which the US government cannot it take it away.
5. Vote is one of the major rights which only a citizen of USA has. US citizens have the right to vote for the applicant who would be their spokesperson in the public office and for issues pertaining to local taxes and so on.

There are a lot of other benefits such as getting grants and payback in colleges and universities. More so, to submit an application for a government job, the individual has to be a citizen of the United States.


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