nEW Supervisory body for Immigration Agents

An administration is being sought after for by the Immigration Department in Canada to control the Immigration Agent Industry. As said by Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada, the government is seeking out a controller who can aid to the durable immigration objections of the nation. Simultaneously, they ought to be working to hold and put up confidence in the immigration system of the country.

So as to cater to the on top of, the department has brought out a call for submissions from the parties who would be involved in the over. The limit for submission is 29th December 2010.

As indicated by the minister, the department wants such an applicant who could examine with efficiency concerning the members and their conduct. Simultaneously, the regulator should furthermore be able to authorize those who break the rules.

Conversely, it is significant for them to understand the susceptibility of the people who avail the services of an immigration consultant. More so, the significance to confirm that these agents admiration and stare the laws of Canadian immigration.

This governing body configuration is one feature of a bigger plan meant to forbid the fake agents who aim innocent people who are looking out for options pertaining to immigration. Such people fall victim to illegal documentation and official procedure. The plan is known as Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act.


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