Italian Immigration To Canada

History of Italian Immigration To Canada:
Italians have been arriving to Canada for many years the majority illustrious being Giovanni Caboto. In the 18th century and near the beginning part of the 19th century, they came as band of soldiers and even missionaries.

The actual push to emigrate came with the merger of Italy. By 1870. Southern Italians supposed their interests in the new Italy subject by the northern states were being unnoticed. In addition, economic disorder and joblessness forced Italians from other regions to search for work abroad. Beginning in the 1880s, their chief destination was the United States, but they besides began to come to Canada. They worked on the Canadian railways, forestry camps, mines, construction-anywhere that strong hands and back could assist them to gain a living.

Current Scenario of Italian Immigration To Canada:
If you are an Italian and thinking to immigrate to Canada, check your experience and qualification in the new 29 professions list. If it is there than you can immigrate to Canada easily. Also there are lots of other ways to move to Canada from Italy.


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