Nova Scotia Nominee Program - Community-Identified Stream

The Community Identified Stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program smooth the progress of global individuals who have uphold long relation with the province of Nova Scotia community and have it in mind to reconcile in the province everlastingly to immigrate and turn out to be permanent residents of Canada. On the other hand, beside, the foreign nationals have to be entitled for employments in the province and could add to the Nova Scotia labor market.

So as to be able to meet the criteria for the stream, potential applicants must have a Letter of recognition from an organization (community) before filing applications with the Nova Scotia Nominee Program.

Eligibility criteria:
• Have it in mind to wish to settle forever in the community.
• Own adequate settlement supports.
• Lawful residents of the country where they are residing currently.
• Have maintained long connection with in the organization or the community from which the former received the Letter of Identification.
• Employable qualities, plus skills, work experience and training to be employed in the certain work field if required by the community.
•Applicants must not be ineligible for any of the remaining Nova Scotia Nominee Program streams.


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