CIC Action against Fake Immigration Lawyers

If reports are to be supposed, the government of Canada would give instructions to a variety of countries including India, Pakistan, Philippines and China to have more severe immigration checks so as to save the authorities from potential immigration frauds.

It would also inquire them to give more information to Canada concerning fraudsters to keep a stiff check on immigration frauds. In keeping with reports, it has been said that Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will cling to a three day visit to India, holding a converse with the Indian government to relate measures for a stringent check on the immigration frauds.

Kenney would talk on focusing increasingly on applying law resources and take severe actions against immigration fraudsters who move heaven and earth in making fools out of people and making false promises to them concerning their immigration. These people charge dollars and dollars from populace and make bogus documents in their name.

Other debate would deal with enhancing co-operation on knowing curved immigration guides during his visit India, China and Philippines. These are some of the main immigrant providers to China.

The step would be measured as one major step in acting beside all the fake immigration consultants who are working in huge numbers in these countries.

If you are intend in the direction of immigrate to other countries, make sure that you have the advice of a legal consultant by your side.


Alicia Rhodes said...

But the fraud immigration consultants are everywhere in the world. How canadian government will cope with this menace

Ernie said...

I read your blog and found it very informative and helpful to me .Thanks for such an effort

Comrade said...

Thanks Ernie

Anonymous said...

l paid nearly 10k Cdn to an immigration lawyer who promised from getting a job to final citizen ship representation but proved to be all words when the money was paid, l have just sent a full complaint with all documentations to the immigration lawyers association. l feel l should be doing more as he has totally turned his back on us. any advice?

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