Health Professionals | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program provide opportunity to those health professionals to submit an application for immigration in the category for Health Professionals who have previously been working in the Canadian province as permanent, standard workers on a temporary work permit. Worldwide health professionals who aim to submit an application for the SINP must have worked in the province for a least period of 6 months.

The category of Health Professions is divided into 3 sub-categories;
•Other Health Professions

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program lets the province suggest qualified physicians who meet the educational, in addition to professional requirements for a job in the province.

Licensed Practical Nurses:
Registered Nurses or Psychiatric Nurses are entitled to emigrate to Saskatchewan under the sub category of Nurses of the SINP’s Health Professionals. All the applicants require fulfilling the educational and professional requirements demanded by the employment in Saskatchewan.

Other Health Professions:
Health professionals must have been working in health occupations in the province at the time of filing applications. These health professions must be accepted by the proper licensing body in Saskatchewan.
Applicants of the Health Professionals class are required to accomplish the following:
•They ought to be working in the province of Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit; and
•They have got to have an offer of full-time permanent employment.


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