SINP - Family Members | Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

In the course of the Family Members category of the SINP, immigrants living in Saskatchewan can assist their family member), who are skilled and desires to immigrate to Canada, live and work in Saskatchewan. To be entitled to qualify for this group, international skilled workers must have a family member in Saskatchewan, who acquires the Canadian citizenship or PR status. In addition, the family member should have been residing in the province for a least period of 12 months.

Following list shows the eligible family members who can assist international skilled workers to immigrate and work in Saskatchewan:
•First cousins
•Step-family members

Below are some of the decisive factors for the applicants of the Family Members category:
•The age of applicants should be between 18-49 years.
•Applicants ought to have a signed written document which serves as the proof of support from their family member(s) living in the province of Saskatchewan.
•Applicants have to have completed as a minimum one year of post-secondary education, training or apprenticeship. They are required to possess a diploma; a certificate or a degree for the achievement of the educational program.
•Applicants are required to have a minimum period of 1 year work experience in the field of their education or training.
•Applicants are obliged to have skill in English language to be employed in Saskatchewan.
•Applicants should possess a permanent, regular job offer from a Saskatchewan local employer.


HUMAYUN said...

This requirement of having a permanet, regular job offer from a Saskatchewan local employer seems to me as the biggest problem. Can somebody help me by explaining that how come it is possible that an employer offers you permanent job while you have no certainity that how much it will take for the visa processing.
sometimes, visa processing takes upto 3 or 4 years. what about this??

Anonymous said...

i dont agree with this new rules either.this doesnt makes feels like this new rules is under the skilled worker ,it doesnt really matter if they have family who is willing to support them here,its about the job offer.and even if we find a job offer for the family back home ,do you think employer here in saskatchewan will wait for more than a year for them.i dont think so..

Anonymous said...

I agree about you. I don't know what came up to their mind implementing this rules.

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