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Skilled Worker Applicants stream of New Brunswick PNP is divided into two sub-streams

1. Skilled Workers with Employer Support
2. Skilled Workers with Family Support

Skilled Workers with Employer Support:
So as to be eligible for this stream, applicants should be having the aim to resolve in the province of New Brunswick enduringly. Moreover, they should gain a minimum score of fifty points on several factors such as education, language skills, age, experience, and adjustability. Alongside, they must have an employment offer from a New Brunswick company. On company part, to be capable of employing a foreign national, the employer must:

•show that it has tried a lot but unable to find a Canadian citizen/permanent resident to fill up the position; and
•He/she must make sure that the foreign national is offered with a full time, permanent job offer.

Skilled Workers with Family Support:
Skilled Workers with Family Support enable immigrants in New Brunswick who have been residing in the province for a minimum period of 1 year and have get hold of the Canadian citizenship/permanent residency provide help to their family members in establishing themselves in New Brunswick. A foreign applicant in this stream is assessed on several factors, such as;
•Work experience
•Language skills
•Full time employment offer
•Employment skills

As for the sponsor (the family member in New Brunswick), he/she is evaluated on the foundation of his/her connection to the province of New Brunswick. His/her commitment towards the province’s immigration procedure, as well as productive settlement of previous family member(s) are also measured when letting them sponsor family members to be capable of settling in New Brunswick.


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