Scope of Information Technology in Quebec | Quebec Immigration

As one of the Canadian province, Quebec is the main province in the state. It is the only province in the whole country which is subject by French speaking people. With the profession lists changing for the Federal Canada, the laws for Quebec remain same. This is for the reason that the rules for Quebec are totally different from those pertaining to Federal Canada.

When it comes to the Information Technology, Quebec is absolutely the province to seek employment opportunities. In 2008, it was found that this exacting industrial sector had employed more than ten thousand professionals.

52 percent of the total business enterprise capital funding in Canada is handled in Quebec. Of these, 61 percent is committed towards technology. The major sectors in this industry comprise multimedia software, microelectronics, telecommunications, and computer services and so on. The above stated ten thousand professionals are employed in about 115 different companies in the telecommunications sector. Some of the firms include Motorola, Mitec, Bell Canada, and Ericson and so on.

Other sectors for instance software development, computer services in addition to consulting provide about sixty thousand specialized workers. There are 110 companies under the microelectronics sector. This division is source to livelihood for 12,900 professionals. IBM, Hyperchip and Matrox are some of the major companies in this field.

In particular with the rules for Federal Canada changing, Quebec is rising as the new target for immigration. With some of the best industries catering to professionals from special part of the world, it is absolutely the place to be.


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