Canada Immigration Consultants | Description of term Gurantee

Immigration Consultants who are certified by the government of Canada are supposed to get on with their business in line with a strict, enforceable Code of Conduct.

Consistent with the Professional Rules of Conduct that we as Authorized Consultants are bound to remain to, use of the term “guarantee” when describing services or fees is unsuitable, and must be keep away from. Consumer of Immigration Consulting Services must be careful and understand that the word "guarantee" is used by illegal ghost agents posing themselves as licensed consultants. They do so in an attempt to inspire confidence in clients they are trying to trick. Per se, when you see the word "guarantee" on a web site or any marketing material of a supposed immigration consultant, ask for their distinctiveness and check if their name appears on the list of Authorized Representatives obtainable on the web site of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants -

An Immigration Consultant has a constructive duty to endorse the Society and Rules, and to stop unregulated practice, and is encouraged where suitable to educate the public at large regarding the Society and the regulatory system and safeguards regarding Canadian Immigration Consultants.


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