An Overview of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program!

Similar to other Canadian provincial nominee programs, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program allows foreign nationals to attain Canadian permanent resident status. In other words, the position of a Manitoba provincial nominee accelerates the procedure of Canada Immigration visa application. On the province’s part, the plan allows it to nominate abroad talents with the aim of meeting the skill requirements of the Manitoba economy. Possible immigrants can meet the criteria for the Manitoba Provincial nominee Program in several streams.

The streams of Manitoba PNP are:
•General Stream
•Employer Direct Stream
•Strategic Initiatives Stream
•Business Immigration Stream
•Family Support Stream
•International Students Stream

The Family Support Stream; the International Students Stream; and the Employer Direct Stream fall in the Priority Assessment Category (Streams). If applicants submit an application under the abovementioned streams, their applications are given precedence when it comes to assessment. In other words, Priority Assessment Stream applications are appraised before other applications filed under other Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program’s streams. The Priority Assessment Streams are meant for those applicants who can show the highest potential for winning settlement in Manitoba.


Anonymous said...

I want to submit my immigration application under manitoba pnp. I am a software professional and unfortunately my occupation is excluded from demanded occupations.
Can someone guide me what to do now

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