How to Avoid Delays in Canadian Immigration

You may avoid unnecessary delays in Canadian Immigration by:
•Keeping away from repeated inquiries to the visa office
•Ensuring that the photocopies and documents you give are clear and readable
•Providing licensed English or French translations of original documents that you present in other languages
•Applying from your home country i.e. where you are a citizen or permanent resident
•Making sure all the necessary information is incorporated with your application
•Notifying the visa office of any changes to private information on your application, for example your address, phone and fax numbers or a change in the composition of your family

Your application of Canadian Immigration might be late if the visa office has to take additional steps to review your case. Your application will take longer if:

•There are criminal or safety problems connected to your application
•Your family state of affairs is not clear for the reason that of a situation, for example a separation or an adoption that is not yet complete or child care issues that have not been determined
•The visa office that processes your application has to discuss with with other CIC offices in Canada or abroad.

You can check the status of your application online on CIC website after the visa office has started to process your application.


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