Skilled Worker Stream of NSNP | Nova Scotia Nominee Program

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program’s Skilled Worker stream facilitate the province’s companies hire international skilled workers in order to plug the job positions, cause being the local workers lack the required skills. Nova Scotia’s employers utilize this program in appointing overseas skilled nationals, when they are not capable of finding Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents with the desirable skills to fill those positions.

So as to be able to meet the criteria for this stream applicants must own a permanent, full time employment offer from a Nova Scotia company in hand, much previous to filing their immigration application with the Nova Scotia Nominee Program.

The skilled worker applicants can anticipate priority processing of their applications whose:
•Employers are in a position to show that they will assist foreign workers with extra supports for resolution in the province.
•Employers have a realistic strategy to employ, in addition to retain immigrant workers in the province.
•Employers have truly tried to find and employ qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents for the positions.

Eligibility criteria for NSNP skilled worker applicants:
•Applicants must have a permanent, full time job offer in Nova Scotia from a well settled Nova Scotia industry/employer.
•Applicants should possess necessary qualifications, training, and work experience for the job.
•Applicants are required to havea lawful status in the country where they are residing at time of applying for the NSNP.
•Applicants must mean to settle in Nova Scotia everlastingly.
•Applicants have to acquire adequate settlement supports.


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