Canadian Government has launched a new website to assist immigrants

A new website has been launched by Canadian Government to help landed and future immigrants of Canada to set their skills to work in Canada quicker. This was announced by honourable Mr. Jason Kenney, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister of Canada.

He added that every year, thousands of highly skilled newcomers land at Canada. It is in their interest as well as in Canada’s interest, to perform all tasks we can to facilitate them set their skills in employment here, in immediate possible time, once they enter in Canada. This is an additional means to facilitate them get the greatest advantage from their knowledge, experience and qualifications.

This website will direct all landed immigrants who are planning to penetrate in the Canadian labour market, in addition to newcomers. Using a gradual advancement, it contains information on how to start the documentation assessment process, in addition to discover options when instant access to a earlier profession is not likely.

This online workbook is created by the Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO) and available to those in Canada as well as overseas.

This new online workbook gives information about:
  • Livelihood in Canada, as well as information on organizations that assist immigrants.
  • Significance of knowing one of Canada’s authorized languages.
  • How to find a job in Canada, including the distinction between regulated and non-regulated occupations, and the procedure to get license, certification or registration in Canada.
  • Methods of recognizing and gather professional documents.
  • Information on determining the distinction between education and qualifications obtained in Canada and those obtained in another country.
The workbook is one of numerous measures that the Government of Canada is taking to assist newcomers effectively join together into Canada and get their overseas credentials evaluated and accepted.
The URL of this website is:


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