How to apply for Canadian Immigration from Philippines

Following is the step by step procedure of Canada visa from Philippines

1. Pay your fees
Consult the Instruction guide or the Fees section of CIC website to calculate your fees. Payment of Visa fees may be made both in Philippine pesos or Canadian dollars. Payment of your immigration fees from Manila, Philippines must be made by means of an international money order, certified check or bank draft, issued to you within 30 days of the date of your payment to CHC Manila. Your payment must be made payable to the ‘Canadian Embassy – Manila’.

2. Mail your application to Canadian Embassy Manila Philippines
Mail the application form and evidence of payment in a preserved envelope to:
Visa Section
The Canadian Embassy
P.O. Box 2168, Makati Central PO
Makati City 1200

You may also deliver your application in person or by courier to:
Visa Section
Canadian Embassy
RCBC Plaza Tower 2, 6th Floor
6819 Ayala Avenue
Salcedo Village, Makati City

If you wish to use a commercial courier, CIC made arrangements with DHL Worldwide Express, to guarantee the secure delivery of your correctly completed immigration application package to CHC office in Manila; though, you are under no compulsion to choose DHL above any other commercial courier. Please keep in mind that do not send cash in any case.

Source: CIC Canada


Anonymous said...

hi we already mailed our fee to cic long is the waiting time...thank u

Anonymous said...

i will just asked how much is the fees in peso for the processing fee and the visa fee... thank u.. god bless

Anonymous said...

how can i apply in canada?is it true that there is a box in embassy that can i pass my resume????thank you

Anonymous said...

Where I should pay, I dont have checking account, What bank can I pay for visa application.

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