Three basic, simple and essential requirements to migrate to Canada

Going to Canada as an immigrant or erroneous word green card of Canada is for everyone. But some factors you have to keep in mind that going to Canada requires a long time, resources and effort.

First of all, you can easily qualify to move Canada as an immigrant but you have to give the time to go through your documentation process. Secondly, you have to arrange the resources considered necessary for you to prove that you can be a prospective immigrant. Thirdly, you must be willing to put in so much effort so that your dream of living and working in Canada is recognized.

Here is the description of these 3 requirements

1. Time:
Immigrating to Canada does not occur immediately. In some countries, particularly India, Pakistan and Philippines wait time can be as long as 4-5 years for those immigrants who have applied in old immigration system i.e. before Feb 27, 2008. But Canadian Government is now putting efforts to reduce the long waiting time. Though there is a continuing effort to lessen the waiting time with the implementation of latest changes in the Canadian immigration policies.

Therefore, the time you learned that you are qualified to apply for a Canada immigrant visa, you have to initiate working on your immigration application for Canada right away. Most early you start, the earlier you can reach to Canada.

2. Resources:
Always keep in mind that Immigrating to Canada requires funds. One of the essential requirements for a future immigrant is to prove his ability to be able to support himself and his family financially after landing in Canada. In case of Federal Skilled Worker Program of the Canadian government, there is a minimum requirement of funds for a certain number of dependents going to Canada. A single immigrant would require at least 10,833 CAD, 2 family members will require 13,486 Canadian Dollars to be able to immigrate to Canada. This is apart from the Embassy fees and other immigration expenses.

3. Efforts
You have to put your best effort in ensuring that you have all documentation in order. Keep in mind that during the processing of your application, the Canadian Visa Officer ought to make a conclusion on the base of the documents that you will present to him. For this, you have to make every effort to make sure that you include all documents in sequence, certified and updated, to the most possible extent. Small errors in your documentation can be resulted in delay or refusal of your Canadian Immigration Application.

Therefore, if you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, consider these three basic, simple, and essential requirements of Canada Immigration. You need to have time, resources and effort which are more important than your credentials.

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Can we apply for immigration while studying in Canada?

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what is the current procedure for canada immigration and what will be the total minimum expense ( including everything)?

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