Cover letter for Canada Job

A cover letter to a Canadian employer explains why you are sending a resume to him. As cover Letter is mandatory for every job in Canada so never send your resume without a cover letter. Don't make the employer presume what you are asking for; always be specific and write to the point.
Your cover letter will always be seen first so it must be very fine written and specific to that employer.

You should mention the following points in your cover letter

1. Tell particularly how you find the position or the organization, for instance, a web site, a family member who works at the company. It is suitable to state the name of somebody who recommended that you write.
2. Prove to the reader that you are the one to look at your resume.
3. Call concentration to fundamentals of your background i.e. your qualification, experience, leadership qualities that are applicable to a position you are looking for. Be as specific as probable. Try to use examples.
4. Mirror your thoughts, behavior, enthusiasm, creative and communication skills.
5. Specify any other information required for a job advertisement that might not be covered in your resume, such as accessibility date etc.
6. Point out what you will do to report on.
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