How to apply for a work permit of Canada?

Any individual who is not a Canadian permanent resident or citizen of Canada requires employment approval (work permit) for employment in Canada.

Following is the necessary process for acquiring employment approval:

1. The applicant should have a job offer letter from a Canadian employer who is ready to support him.

2. The company (which hired you) is required to apply in the Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) for job confirmation (labor certification). The company has to select a profession from NOC.

3. Once the labor certification is acquired, the candidate may make a visa application to a Canadian immigration office for work permit of Canada

Work permit is issued for a period of two years, after that the applicant will be able to apply for permanent immigration to Canada.

This application may be made while the applicant is still resides inside Canada or from outside Canada.
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Nelson said...

I am a temporary foreign worker here in Alberta canada and my contract will expire on October 2010. My permanent residency application is now on process by my Agency who recruit me in the Philippines. I want to extend my stay and i want to work in another company. how do i get my new work permit? Am i still need a LMO (Labor Market opinion)? Thanks Nelson

Anonymous said...

yes sir, you need to apply in the company you wish to work with and they will process your LMO. If you already have your LMO then the next thing to do is for you to apply for a work permit. im not realy sure if some companies do also process work permit for their employees.

swapnil said...

can i give pecb exam from india ?

faisal said...

Hello sir
i want to apply for work permit sir i want to know about ur fees & work permti fees i think whole fees i m very intersted please sir now you easy suggest for me labor catagary i have guarantor in canada toranto i will wait your reply thanks fully

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