A beautiful place to live - Canada

Canada is a very beautiful country with numerous natural sceneries and is filled with natural resources. Canada is the second largest Country in the world having a multicultural society with émigré from all over the world. It is also a multilingual society because most of Canadians came from many different backgrounds with different languages.

Canada is emigrant welcoming country with added and more new immigrants landing every year. Canada has about 32,500,000 of total population. Canada is a superb country that provides its entire people with a free health care and free education.

Canada is a country wealthy in view and wildlife. Canada has much natural appeal and has get in tourists from all the world. There are rainforests and the beautiful stony mountains in the west, there are huge plains, several beautiful lakes and the largest water falls in the world, and absolutely the Niagara Falls.

Canada is one of the world's richest nations with per head income higher than the majority of European nations. Canada has a fast growing economy with a low joblessness. Canada has a near to the ground national unemployment rate which is as low as 5.9%. Canada has a GDP of $1.089 trillion. Canada is an amazing country, a great place to live, full of extraordinary people and rich with civilization.


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