Fake Immigration Consultants in India

Canada is very much concerned about fraud immigration consultants all over the world, especially in India. Due to a rising number of dishonest immigration consultants in India, Minister Kenney launches video caution for future immigrants of India about the dangers of fake immigration consultants offering immigration services.

Minister Kenney added that Canadian government is taking a strict approach to immigration consultant fraud in India. Canadian Government is doing ongoing work to make bigger the warnings about deception against future applicants and to fight unlawful tricks related to immigration.

The Minister highlighted current development on the file, together with a personal obligation from the Chief Minister of Indian Punjab to increase efforts in the struggle against fraudulent consultants who are working in Chandigarh, India. The Punjab state government of India and Canada’s visa office in Chandigarh, India will be working to deal with immigration consultant fraud and several arrests of allegedly fake consultants have previously been made.

Minister Kenney also highlighted the value of raising consciousness in put a stop to consumer fraud, and said the new video notify against the threats of taking the service of fake representatives who offer immigration services to future immigrants.

This clip features an immigrant family from Chile that was a victim of a fake immigration consultant and contains tips on how to decide a certified consultant or lawyer if an applicant decides to look for help with an application.

Click here to see this video on CIC website
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Anonymous said...

Fraud Immigration consultants named "Syed Sameer - Dreams n visions proprietor" in bangalore.

Hi This is Ganesh, I am one of the victims for the consultant's trap. There is a consultant named "Dreams-n-visions" in
bangalore(near BEL circle), INDIA. The proprietor name is Syed Sameer. The website is designed in such way that

every one should get attracted to that. He also has business and banking partners (All the big bankers in India).
This is his website URL. "" and now this has been removed from the net.
Here is his office details link:- Dont go with this address. He keep changing his addresses.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the same what Ganesh told. I have suffered dealing with this person and he owes me bulk amount of money.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where is this guy right now?

Anonymous said...

as per his brother and one guy who was working in his office, syed is in delhi.

Anonymous said...

Can I have contact Nos. of his brother or the guy who was working in his office?

yaz said...

HI Can any ne help us with his Add or phone number as we have given large amount and he is no where..9738233979
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Can someone guide me about certified canadian immigration consultant in bangalore? I want to immigrate to Canada from India under skilled worker category. NOC 1122

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, Can anyone provide the details of the certified imigration consultant for CANADA?
Mail id :

Anonymous said...

open the link to see certified immigration consultant in india by canada

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