0111 Financial Managers

The occupation of 0111 Financial Managers comes under the category ofAdministrative Services Managers 011. This is a Middle level Management Occupation. This is one of the 38 required occupations for Canadian Immigration.

Financial Managers map plan, organize, direct, control and appraise the procedures of accounting and financial departments. They develop and apply the financial policies and system of organizations. Financial managers set up performance standards and organize various financial reports for senior management. They are working in financial and accounting departments in companies all through the public or private sector.
Here are some sample titles which may be assigned to Financial Managers 0111:
  • Financial administrator
  • Finance director
  • Treasurer
  • Manager, financial planning and analysis
  • Manager, internal audit services
  • Controller
  • Director – financial services
  • Manager, financial control
  • Director of accounting

Responsibilities of Financial Managers (0111):
Financial managers do some or the entire of the following duties:

· Prepare or organize the groundwork of financial statements, summaries, and other cost-benefit analysis and financial management reports.
· Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting procedures and investment activities and make recommendations for changes to procedures, operating systems, budgets and other financial control functions to senior managers and other department or regional managers.
· Hire, organize, coach and manage staff.
· Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operation of an accounting, audit or other financial division.
· Act as link between the business and its shareholders, the investing public and outer financial analysts.
· Build up and implement the financial policies, systems and measures of an institution.
· Organize the financial planning and budget process, and examine and correct approximation.
· Supervise the development and implementation of financial simulation models
· Establish productivity standards for investment activities and handle amalgamation or acquisition.
· Notify and report to senior management concerning any trends that are critical to the organization's financial performance.

Employent Requirements for Financial Managers 0111:
  1. A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Economics, Commerce or a related field is necessary.
  2. Audit and Accounting managers may require a renowned accounting designation (CMA, CA or CGA).
  3. A Master's degree in Business Administration (Finance) i.e. MBA-Finance or another Master's level management program may be necessary.
  4. Quite a few years of experience in auditing, accounting, budgeting, financial planning and analysis or other financial activities are requisite.
Supplementary information for Financial Managers 0111:
Succession to senior management positions, for instance vice-president of finance, is likely with experience .



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