Can I work in Canada on Student Visa?

Thousands of students come to Canada every year for study. But they always have one question i.e. Can I do a job in Canada on student visa?

The Canadian law requires that you have to come to Canada with sufficient funds to pay for your tuition and living costs at the same time as you are studying in Canada, without needing to work. But there are some specific hours per week to which you can work

Each Province in Canada has its own set of laws to allow you weekly permitted hours of work. In general you are supposed to work in Canada during your stay at study permit with only one exception i.e. if you are enrolled on a program of English as a second language than you will not permitted to work in Canada.

Do not work exclusive of being authorized to do so and do not work more than legally permitted hours failing which you might be asked to leave Canada.

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Dinesh said...

I have got 5.5 band overall. in reading 5.5 ,in writing 6.0 ,in listening 6.0 ,in speaking 4.5 ,Can i get the student visa through SP Program in Canada? And I got the offer latter form Mohawk College Ontario(Canada).
please reply

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