Pakistani population in Canada Provices

Following is the composition of approx Pakistani population in different provinces of Canada

Ontario = 45,500
Quebec = 8,100
Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton) = 5,780
British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria) = 3,555
Manitoba (Winnipeg) = 1,942
Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon) = 1,480
Nova Scotia (Halifax) = 660
Newfoundland (St. John's) = 355
New Brunswick (Fredericton, Moncton) = 200
Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown) = 100
Northwest Territories (Yellowknife) = 50
Nunavut = None
Yukon = None


Anonymous said...

How many pakistani people live in Toronto?

Saba said...

Almost 24000 Pakistanis are living in toronto. But i found they have lack of social solidarity and communication among them. Pakistanis dont formulate any community in Toronto.

Rafiq Ahmed Soomro said...

I live in Karachi Pakistan.

I would like to come on work visa at Canada,

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Can you please inform us your reference for this data, or how you calculated it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

no dont come to canada, stay in your country. We have enough of you here

Anonymous said...

how many Pakistani people live in calgary?

Anonymous said...

pakis are like cock roaches... I don't know why countries like Canada allow so many of them in through work and student visas.

Leo said...

You don't have mind that's way you talking to the others some like this and almost all peoples came from others countries in Canada and if you say its your country so my baby you are wrong and if you have idea some history so must learn ok because only RED INDIANS Is true and they are local peoples of USA & Canada ok 1st check the history and then show your face and check your history also who is grande father And who is his grande father and from where they come and whats is your real city ok Anonymous its for you

Anonymous said...

every third of canadian is chinese and every fourth is a pakistani or indian. we have a lot of space but no jobs so think before taking any step

Anonymous said...

I would love to travel and perhaps move to Canada I have successful businesses just wondering if I could make sons friends before I make the move. I currently live in the u.k , Manchester don't get me wrong it's s privilege to be British Muslim just want a change any suggestions love Zaf x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Pakistanis in Canada are more than 600,000 However they have fewer kids than Arabs per family and their share would decrease with time

Unknown said...

If you are trying to come Canada and you have very good education from Pakistan thats is very good for you in Pakistan but here in canada they didn't accept your qualification they ask you to pass a test that you can't pass its very diffecult to pass.We have a lot Pakistani here who are well educated from Pakistan most of them were doctors and engineers in Pakistan but here they are working in Mecdonalds,subways and on Gas stations.many of them are driving taxies so think about that and then come here...its better for you to try in Gulf countries.

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