Canadian Job Market

The Canadian Immigration under skilled worker category is specifically designed to catch the attention of highly educated and skilled people all over the world to meet the growing economic demands of Canadian society.

After the successful landing of new comers in Canada, they have to manage a lot of challenges once they start looking for jobs. Every year over 250,000 new immigrants land at Canada and face these circumstances. But if they properly plan it before arrival, they can easily tackle the uncertainty of employment. Those who work cleverly can conquer the initial problems of job finding in Canada..

The most frequent barriers for new immigrants in Canada are:
  1. Communication Problem in either English or French.
  2. Shortage of social and business networks.
  3. Competition with already established Canadian in their respective field.
  4. Deficiency of Canadian experience in their respective field.
  5. Requirement a Canadian license to work in a regulated occupation for instance doctors or engineers.
These obstacles sometimes force highly skilled immigrants might start odd jobs initially. In most cases odd jobs are temporary and just for initial survival.

If you are a prospective or landed immigrant of Canada, you will need to have a plan to get a better job in Canada. Here are some tips of your job plan in Canada.
  1. Gain knowledge of, improve and practice the English language. Learning French will be a plus.
  2. Every job in Canada is dependent on Computer so gain control over computer.
  3. Get an international driving license from your home country.
  4. Gain control over the requirements of your occupation.
  5. Understand the Canadian job market by exploring Canadian jobs on internet.
  6. Send your resume online to different companies of Canada.
Accomplishment is very much easy if you take help of the Canadian support system (settlement organizations, government, businesses and online communities) your chances for victory will raise significantly.


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