Green Card of Canada

Green Card of Canada is an expression that is used symbolically as a synonym of Permanent Residency in Canada. Though a green card is exclusively American and is the accepted name for a United States’ Permanent Resident Card.

However you may have an opinion that the difference is only minor, but there is a major dissimilarity in the ideas at the back of the issuance of a United States green card and a Green Card of Canada (Permanent Resident Card).

The difference between both cards is that an American green card awards the holder the authorization to come in and live in the United States. On the contrary, Canada Permanent Resident status awards a person the full right to enter, live and work in Canada.

A lot of people are concerned with Canada’s Green Card i.e. Permanent Resident Card, because Canada offers tramendous opportunities for new immigrants. People can take pleasure of numerous fields of by becoming a permanent resident of the country. Immigrants get benefit from most of the civil liberties extended to Canadian citizens.

A Canadian Green Card holder i.e. a Permanent Resident Card holder (right term) enjoys all the rights to live and work freely anywhere in the country. A permanent resident obtains community benefits such as free of charge high standard public schools for children and free health care for entire family. Another benefit of Canada Green Card is that it may be issued along with their family, including children. Immigrants in Canada can also visit their native country whenever they need. A person with green card of Canada i.e. permanent resident card holder of Canada can also sponsor his other family members, including parents and siblings.

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