Canada Green Card Lottery

In fact there is no concept of green card lottery for Canada. People around the world mistakenly say the word Green Card lottery of Canada instead of saying Immigration to Canada.

Canada do not offer lottery scheme like USA but it has its own points based system for immigration under skilled worker program. You have to qualify in certain factors for instance, age, education, experience in 38 occupations list and adaptability to get 67 points for Canada Immigration.

Despite the fact that Cnada has same living standards when compared to USA, Canada does not make a decision about it.

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Aly said...

Is it applicable for JAN 2007 AOR's if they update IELTS in 2009 will they treat with new ielts band rules for points

Comrade said...

You will be awarded IELTS points as per criteris at the time of your application

Anonymous said...

hi,i have taken IELTS exam last march 2009 Academic Module,my scores are as follows: L-7.5, there any way the CIC will accept this for my Immigration application?or should i take GT deadline was last March also,if i submit another ielts result now.would they consider it?thanks!

irfansyed244 said...

Hi dear
I got over all six band
I need 7 marks may i get this if my score in IELTS is:
Reading: 5.0
Listening: 6.5
writing: 6.0
Speaking: 6.5

irfansyed244 said...

Hi guys
Do you have any information after how many months CIC inform that my application has received at there office. Is there anyother way to trace application

International Endeavour Club said...


shifamajid said...

As per my education i read from KG . do immigration officer will count kg.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I would like to know if I am qualified for migration in canada given the following:
Educational Qualification:
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management
Master of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Profession: College Professor for 12 years

IELTS score: Reading 7.5, Writing 6.5, Listening 6.5 and Speaking is 6.0.

I need your views about this matter.
Thank you very much.


Devon Lee said...

Is there a possibility that canadian government will anoounce green card lottery scheme like USA DV 2012

Comrade said...

Dear Devon Lee,
This is unpredictable. But you may try federal skilled worker program

Anonymous said...

I got 68 frm the Skilled worker self-assessment. However, i scored 0 in both arranged employment and adaptability. Can i go ahead to lodge my application?

"If your mark from this test is the same or higher than the current pass mark, you may qualify to immigrate as a skilled worker".

Anonymous said...

i did bachelor of medicine & bachelor of surgery from pakistan.i want to know how many points will i get for my education.i want to apply for canadian immigration.

Anonymous said...

hi im reet i got 6.5 in listening, 5.5 in reading,writing and 4.5 in speaking ,over all i got 5.5 bands.. can i apply for winnipeg ,please tell me the requiremnts...i want to apply for canada tell me about a college who accept 5.5

Anonymous said...

hi i have got listening 5.5 Reading 4 Writing 6
Speaking 7 and my Overall Band is 5.5 am i eligible and can i apply for immigration of Canada

Anonymous said...

this is waqas
i wanted to know if i am eligible to apply for canadian immigration with my IELTS score as follows:

Listening 6.5
writing 6.5
reading 4.5
speaking 6.5

an overall 6.0 bands.
is this ok as per the revised immigration policy or do i have to take the test again?
kindly help

Comrade said...

Dear Waqas,
IELTS is not the only factor of Canadian Immigration. If your have experience in 29 required occupations and qualifying for 67 points than this score of IELTS is enough

Anonymous said...

I have applied in December 2009, and got initial approval from them in Feb 2010 to submit documents which I have submitted and later they gave me new file number from there UK office. They have recieved documents there in June 2010. How much more time it will take for the final decision to come?
Please Explane.

Best Regard

e.mail ID =

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