Indian Community in Canada

Canadians of East Indian origin compose of one of the major non-European national groups in Canada. If truth be told, people of East Indian basis make up the tenth biggest ethnic group in Canada. East Indian Canadians also make up the second biggest non-European ethnic society in the country. In 2002, more than 710,000 people of Indian origin were living in Canada with a 2.4% of the total Canadian population.

The majority of Indo-Canadian community lives in two major provinces i.e. Ontario and British Columbia where 60% of Indian population lives in Ontario. As far as the major Indo-Canadian cities are concern, they are Toronto and Vancouver.

The majority of Indian population living in Canada is young and bilingual. Indians feel sense of belonging in Canada and proudly identify them as east Indians.

Indian Restaurants in Canada:

Indo-Canadian community always prefers to visit Indian restaurants rather than fast food. They often have the taste of Chinese food. Indian restaurants in Canada spread all over the country but most Indian restaurants can found at restaurants Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.


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