Life style of Canada

High standard of living in Canada:

Canada ranks sixth in the best Living Standard of world. This is due to its high-class educational achievements, elite housing, cultural and leisure facilities, high level of public safety and tourist opportunities that give the overall quality of life.

Health Care System:

Canada has the world's most excellent healthcare system. Basic healthcare, exclusion of dental services, is totally free at the point of delivery. Also, generally, prescription drugs are distributed without cost. Every citizen and permanent resident is sheltered by a medical insurance plan of the province in which he lives.

Social Services

Being a public welfare state, Canada has a widespread social security network that provides social services to public which include:

1. Child Tax Benefit:

A monthly payment forward to the parents of the child for the child’s welfare. The sum of child tax benefit varies and normally it depends on family income.

2. Welfare:

Social help payments to the needy people to pay for basic amenities like food, clothing, shelter, medicine etc.

3. Unemployment Benefits:
If someone is unemployed, the Canadian government will compensate on it.

4. Old Age Security:
Canadian government is responsible to provide old age security to all senior citizens of Canada.


Wendymr said...

Prescription drugs are not free; you either pay for them out of your own pocket or use some form of health insurance, paid for by yourself or your employer, to pay for them.

Unemployment benefit is only available so long as the individual has paid sufficient EI premiums, and it's only paid for a limited period.

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thank you for the information, this will really help me out!.

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