How to Immigrate Canada

Most of the people around globe are wondering about immigrating to Canada and have one question in their mind i.e.
How do I immigrate to Canada?
This forum is designed to answer all of their questions about Canadian Immigration or erroneously speaking Canadian Green Card.
Immigrate to Canada is dream of many people around the world because Canada offers you a lot of growth opportunities for the right people. Immigrating to Canada permanently is a chance which is full of excitement.

But there are quite a number of things which have to be considered before you start your application for a permanent residence of Canada (or Green Card of Canada which if erroneous term of Canadian Immigration).

There are a lot of methods and categories to apply for a Canadian Immigration. You have to choose among immigration programs that will be most excellent for you as well as for your family.

According to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) there are some specified ways to immigrate to Canada. These ways to immigrate to Canada and their requirements are described under;

1. Skilled workers Class

This immigration program is for all those people who have specific qualifications and skills in specific occupations and who want to work and settle in Canada permanently.

2. Canadian Experienced Class
This immigration program is for those people which are already living in Canada and possess Canadian work experience. The people who newly graduated from a Canadian University are also eligible for Immigration under this Immigration category.

3. Quebec skilled workers
Quebec is the second largest province of Canada and a majority speaks French in the province of Quebec. Quebec has its own immigration system which is by some means different from Federal Skilled worker. The people who selected by the Quebec government have to live and settle in the province of Quebec.

4. Investors, Businessmen and self-employed class
This immigration program is for those entrepreneurs who want to invest in Canada for a new business or expansion of their previous business. These businessmen will be required to invest a big capital.

5. Provincial nominees
Many provinces and territories in Canada have their own immigration programs with particular requirements which may be different from Federal Immigration Program. Each province has full right to nominate a new immigrant to settle and work there.

6. Family sponsored Class
If one of your immediate relative is a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada, he can sponsor his immediate family to immigrate to Canada.

Description of all above categories has been defined in this forum. Please discover this site and find out a lot of information regarding Canadian Immigration categories.

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