Some Pros and Cons of Canada Immigration

Canada is a attractive, vast country full of never-ending opportunities. There are, like every country some difficulties to living in Canada.

Any person desire to immigrate to Canada, or move to Canada temporarily is supposed to be advised about following facts:

1. Go directly to the exact Province of Canada you wish to reside. Society, culture and job opportunities differ very much from Province to Province.

2. Realize of the huge distance Canada covers while travelling inside Canada, and to what extent it may cost you in petrol or gasoline to visit friends and family living in other parts of Canada.

3. Verify in advance to see if your educational qualifications will be recognized and accepted in Canada.

4. Recognize the value of some health costs. You do not pay for operations, but you may pay for prescription drugs, so look into a health plan to cover up these costs.

5. Get ready for extreme cold temperatures; it can be amazingly cold in a variety of parts of Canada, reducing to -40 degrees Centigrade in the winter, and rise +35 degrees Centigrade in the summer.


Anjela said...

thanks for sharing

Fatima said...

i AM LIVING IN EDMONTON and agree from this point that weather is extremely cold here

Anonymous said...

the weather isnt that bad, dress warm and your good, there are tons of places that help low income, and homeless people with warm winter clothing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Canada is different from Asian countries in many aspects. The differences are several in all aspects of life. You will see and feel the differences from the instant you land. Simple things like making a queue. In Asia we chipkoo to the person ahead of us. In Canada there is at least a gap of 8 to 12 inches. There are no roadside vendors or the corner Ration / bania shop. Even for 6 eggs or onions you need to drive to a mall. Milk vegetables etc must be planned and purchased from Malls. At work they are very dedicated and productive. No private phone calls, or going out to pay school fees etc. Punctuality is a sacred habit. Almost impossible. Skills and not degrees determine your employment. NO RESERVATIONS PLEASE> Just performance. Good performance good prospects.

Go prepared to adapt to Canadian systems conditions and standards. Canada will NOT change for Asians. Immigrants must change to Canadian standards & requirements.

ATTITUDE is not the Main thing. IT IS THE ONLY THING to succeed in Canada.


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