Minister Kenney gave statement recognizing Holi

The respectable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, gave the announcement to be on familiar terms with the Hindu festival of Holi.

He said that Holi is a spring celebration that has been famous for hundreds of years, marking the eventual victory of fine over sin. He added that for Hindu community around the world, Holi is a time to get together with friends, family, relatives and the community to share meals and gifts. The colors of Holi make the entire environment colorful.

In Canada, the festival of Holi is famous in Hindus and non-Hindus similarly. All other religions enjoy Holi as well. Holi intends to break barriers of hatred and let various sections of society to have a good time together in a spirit of brotherhood. This festival can truly serve to make stronger our country, Minister Kenney Said.

The most outstanding characteristic of the festival is the use of colored powders and paints affect to one and threw on others in the pleasurable spirit of the day.

For every Canadian, Holi gives an outstanding chance to mirror on the great contributions that Hindus and Indians have made to Canada’s rich and mixed tradition.

Minister Kenney greeted everybody a happy and colourful Holi.


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