H1B visas of USA - Above 31,200 Available Now

The H-1B visa is destined for those specialized who have bachelor’s degree or higher who plan to work in the United States for a US based company. This visa also comprises fashion models. It is for those professionals who aim to work in a particular field of job.

All the professionals working on an H-1B are allowable to live in the United States for an era of 3 years ahead of which they can submit an application for an expansion for up to 6 years. In case, the applicant also qualifies for one more visas, he can live in for a longer period of time.

As per United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), approximately 31,200 H-1B visas are still on hand to be applied for the financial year of 2011. These visas were forever found with a lot of firms finding it hard to cater to visas for their workers of overseas origin.

As of now, the financial system of the United States has not entirely got back from the worldwide render down. With this state of affairs in consign, not loads of are petitions are being filed for this visa. At the similar time, this is absolutely a superior sign for those organizations who have been finding it durable to get H-1B visas. If explore the past, for example in 2006, all the visas were file for in at some point itself.

The typical limit on these petitions on a yearly basis is 65,000. With this, an accumulation of another 20,000 petition is allowed under the H-1B Masters Degree exception. This permits the first 20,000 applications for those with a Master’s degree or superior to be free from the cap.

The accessibility of visas for 20th August 2010, the restriction limit for the normal H-1B cap is 65,000. But only 33,900 have been established as of now. The H-1B Masters Exemption has a restricted boundary of 20,000 with only 12,600 applications received till now.


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