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Healthcare industry is of the greatest significance to any country as it unswervingly deals with the well being of the citizens of the country. This is the cause that nurses as a line of work is very important for the healthiness industry of the country. Keeping the burning need of nurses in mind this occupation has been included under the list of 29 required occupations under which a candidate can submit an application for the immigration and permanent resident status in Canada under skilled worker category.

Qualifying and Decesive Factors of 3233 Licensed Practical Nurses:
•It is obligatory to have a degree of completion of either a vocational or college program for licensed practical nurses.
•They must clear the exam of Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination in all the regions and territories except Quebec.
•The people who come in the category of Operation room Technicians must have done some course in their specific field or some practical training and work experience.
•It is essential to be registered with a regulatory body in all the regions and provinces.

Duties and Responsibilities of 3233 Licensed Practical Nurses:
Licensed practical nurses are requisite to carry out the following duties:
•They give medicines to patients and they also observe and keep the record of therapeutic effects on patients.
•They are also accountable to take care of patients needs before and after the surgery.
•They observe and note the progress of the patient.
•They give nursing services to patients on the basis of the assessment of the patient.
•They perform the basic duties of nurse such as applying aseptic, sterile dressing, monitoring nutritional consumption and collecting specimens for various medical purposes.
•They consult the patients and individuals on safety and health education.

Operating room technicians are required to perform the following duties:
•During the surgery, they help the doctors and nurses by performing small tasks such as passing the instruments etc.
•They also uphold the hygiene of the operating room by cleaning and sterilizing the room and instruments.
•They perform the essential hygiene activities such as they wash, shave and sterilize the patient before the operation.
•They help in the surgical procedure by laying out the instruments, setting up the equipment for the surgery.

If you are whichever a nurse or an operating room technician who accomplish the above qualifying requirements and able of performing the necessary duties, then your chances of migration to Canada are high. To know more you can write to us in comments for further information and specialized assistance.


RIMSHA said...

Dear Sir,
I am a licensed practical nurse and currently working in Australia. What are my chances of immigration to Canada under the profession 3233 Licensed Practical Nurses.

I have 4 months of experience

Anonymous said...

dear sir
how do i come to know that 1000 applications have been completed? Is there any site to visit? plz rply....

Comrade said...

nothing is defined by CIC in this scenerio

Comrade said...

Dear Rimsha,
4 months of experience is not sufficient. Gain the experience of at least 1 to 2 years

Anonymous said...

hi sir i m a graduate nurse from india i have 1 year exp wat do i need to do to get nursing license in canada plz help POOH

immigrationtocanada said...

You must first be assessed by a Canadian nursing college to determine if you are eligible to write the CRNE exam (nursing exam).

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
I have done GNM(General nursing and midwifery) from india and i have 10 yrs of experience in india (chandigarh).I want to immigrate yo canada under Federal skilled worker programe but capicity has reached for RN, now i wanted to know that can i apply under LPN(Federal skilled visa).

Anonymous said...

Iam nurse who studied 3 years nursing course and registered as a nurses.I have diploma in nursing and operation theater technique.As the CAP is closed for registered nurses for canada,Can I apply under Licenced practical nurse for canada immigration? Please guide.

Anonymous said...

dear sir i have done diploma course of nursing i have 5 years experience i have also sponsarship

Anu said...

Dear sir i m a graduate nurse from India i have 1 year exp as nursing assistant and three year exp as registered nurse.can I apply under Lpn 3233 Licensed Practical Nurses category plz reply

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
I graduated with a BSN degree in the philippines and worked there as a registered nurse for 2 years and now im presently working in singapore as an Enrolled nurse. If i work in canada am i eligible to become a registered nurse? thank you

Anonymous said...

i had just passed nursing from CTEVT NEPAL may i apply for forther study in canada, if yes then please consult me

Comrade said...

Yes you can apply for nursing studies in Canada

Anonymous said...

im a graduate of dentistry in the philippines but i have no licence yet because of that im working now as dental hygienist under the supervision of a dentist for almost 5 im very interested to move in canada because i find canada a better place for my family and most of that the family of my husband are already in canada were the only left i consult my situation to CIC they said Im not qualified because i have no licence.i told them why do ineed to get a licence?even i have a licence still icannot practice a dentist there because my licence here in the philippine not valid in canada.whats the purpose of having a licence which i cannot there any options or ways to be qualified as immigrant?

Benis said...

I am a Licenced Practical Nurse working in Cameroon with 2yrs 6months experience.What are my chances of immigration to Canada under the profession 3233 Licensed Practical Nurses.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,i am a registered nurse in philippines and I worked only for 9months and i went to singapore and worked as an enrolled nurse for more than 4 i eligible to migrate in canada?which category i am under?is it LPN?thanks

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