Minutes Of Meeting Between Minister Kenney And Secretary Napolitano

Mr. Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Secretary Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Janet Napolitano and today met to talk about a variety of two-sided immigration issues. The objective of the conversation was to find added ways of cooperating to improve the reliability of US and Canada immigration systems and speed up lawful travel and commerce between the two countries.

The corporation between the United States and Canada is vital to promoting nationwide security and economic growth in both of nations. Both are committed to working jointly to build up and apply border security and immigration measures and standards that help ensure the security and protection of their citizens.

Throughout the meeting, Secretary Napolitano and Minister Kenney talk about the development that has been completed since they last met in May 2009. This including continuing work toward the conclusion of a thorough comparison of acceptability criteria and screening measures conducted together by DHS and CIC, which will lead to development in cross-border coordination and information sharing.

Canada’s old geographic, economic and social ties with the United States of America are a foundation of power for both countries. By giving out information and working mutually both countries can redefine approaches to identifying and screening travelers to accelerate the flow of individuals moving legally across borders, while defensive against those who would intimidate shared peace and prosperity.

They furthermore signed a Terms of Reference to celebrate the ancient Visa Policy Working Group - institutionalizing this joint debate supported by DHS, the U.S. Department of State and CIC, designed to enhance two-sided consultations and information sharing regarding visa, acceptability, and screening policies.

In addition, Secretary Napolitano and Minister Kenney recognized further opportunities for information sharing and teamwork relating to immigration and refugee policies and the tourist registration and individuality verification procedure and discussed prospective approaches to screening travelers.


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