Canada Marriage Immigration | Some Facts

Paper marriages or marriages of convenience are not allowed under Canada’s immigration law. It is against the law to be married just to immigrate to Canada or get Canada marriage immigration. Spousal sponsorship is a solemn legal obligation in Canada.

The facts are as under:
Canada’s immigration system is also set up in a method that discourages marriages of convenience for Canada marriage immigration. Anyone who wants to sponsor their spouse or partner to immigrate to Canada makes a serious legal commitment. As part of this commitment, sponsors must support their spouse or partner for three years, even if the connection fails. If the couple breaks up and the sponsored person gets social support, the sponsor must pay back the amount of social assistance the former spouse received. Given the lawful obligations, sponsorship should not be taken carelessly, and everyone is responsible for ensuring that their marriage is genuine.

When somebody gets married for the sole reason of Canada marriage immigration, this is known as a marriage of convenience or generally speaking paper marriage.

Under Canada’s immigration law, marriages of convenience are not permissible at any cost. Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s officers are particularly trained to be acquainted with genuine immigration applications, and they know how to become aware of false marriages. They use various techniques to expose marriage fraud, including document checks, site visits and dialogue with sponsors and applicants.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada recognizes that even real marriages can fail. However, if a person enters into a marriage of convenience and comes to Canada as an immigrant, enforcement action can be taken. This enforcement action could consequence in deportation, and is the duty of the Canada Border Services Agency.


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