3142: Physiotherapists | Canada Immigration

The type of physiotherapists is one of the occupations listed in the 29 most demanded occupations for the Canada’s General Skilled Migrant Program. This profession being present in the listing means that the Canadian government is engaging foreign trained physiotherapists to look for permanent resolution options in Canada. A physiotherapist is working in hospitals, treatment centers, clinics, sports organizations and so on. They can also run their own personal practice.

Qualifying and decisive factors of 3142 Physiotherapists:
•The candidate must have a degree in physiotherapy together with practical training done under supervision.
•A claimant for must have a knowledge of at least one year as a physiotherapist.
•A person should have experience of around 2-4 years; real number of years of experience to submit an application under this profession is dependent on many factors for example whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

Duties and Responsibilities of 3142 Physiotherapists:
A physiotherapist is expected to carry out some or all of the duties stated below:
1. Planning and executing programs which involves education, therapeutic exercise, massage, manipulation and with the use of other mechanical equipment etc.
2. They have the option of specializing in any particular clinical area such as pediatrics, neurology, and orthopedics and so on.
3. They might have to conduct research in physiotherapy.
4. Evaluating the physical abilities of a patient via functional ability tests.
5. Assessing the effectiveness of the treatment and amending them as per the needs.
6. Based on the physical diagnosis, chalking out the goals for the treatment.
7. Maintenance of records for clinical as well as statistical and consulting with other professionals from the health care industry.

Despite the above, there are other duties which are expected to carry out by a physiotherapist in Canada. If you are a physiotherapist who is seeking immigration to Canada, do not delay in writing to us in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

hi i am a physiotherapist with masters in sports physiotherapy.
i have applied immigration for canada on nov 2004.
still i am waiting for medicals. my agent says it will take 1 and a half years more for my case
pls comment

Comrade said...

dear physiotherapist,
It will take maximum one year to finalize your case. Things are disturbed now and CIC is taking steps to streamline the immigration processes after 26 june 2010

Anonymous said...

I am physiotherapist in a private hospital but do not have a professional degree, Can i apply under 3142 physiotherapist category

Anonymous said...

I am PT. i have the experience, more 9 years in a teaching hospital and also had toefl ibt but I will have to do ielts and also I had eligibility for NYSED.I will love to have you to assist me with the my processing to Canada.

Comrade said...

what is your qualification

Anonymous said...

Hi i am a sports physiotherapist.I completed my masters 6 months back.Right now i have joined a university(its been five months).I have a relative of mine residing in canada.How shall i proceed for immigration to canada?And what about licensure exam?Will that be given after immigration?Please help!!

Anonymous said...

i am a physiotherapist.i am 24 yrs old.
i have an experience of 1 and half yrs as physiotherapist.i have another 7-8 months experience as an english trainer in an TOEFL training institute. how many points do i get for work experience? do i qualify for this category?

harshal said...

hi i m physiotherapist i m 23yrs old and having work experience of 2yrs and no practical training having ielts score of L 7.5 R 7 W 6.5 S 7 MY HUSBAND IS PHARMACIST SO CAN I APPLY UNDER FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER CATEGORY???

Anonymous said...

hi i am physiotherapist i m 38yrs old im 1995 graduate and having 15yrs of experience, 7yrs in different pvt organisations and hospitals and 8 yrs in government hospital to till date im married and having two children my wife is also gradute i didn't do IELTS but my medium of education was english. CAN I APPLY UNDER THE FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER CATEGORY?

Anonymous said...

im a physiotherapist from india working in canada since one and a half year as a PT assisstant.cleared my written component for PT here and now im a resident physiotherapist in canada.have a provisional practice lisence to practice.experience from india as a PT is 8 months.have a score of 7.5 in IELTS. should i apply as a physiotherapist or a physiotherapist assisstant.

Anonymous said...

i am doctor of physical therapy studied 18 years and three years working experience of renowed hospital.please guide me about the points if i get married over there,how long will it take for me to get immigration?

Shikha Kedia said...

I am a Physiotherapist and have finished my masters in sorts and orthopaedics. I am working as an executive physiotherapist in a hospital since 7 months, How can I apply for Canada

Parker said...

It seems like there are a lot of physiotherapists looking to move to Canada... I wonder why. What is so appealing to physiotherapists about Canada?

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