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Psychologists are highly demanded in the US and Canada and are present on the List of 29 Occupations open for immigration to Canada under the federal skilled worker program for Canada. People connected with this line of work are extremely demanded in Canada. These comprise those people who make sure the disorders related with emotional and behavioral aspects of patients. They also give counseling to the clients and relate their theories on individual case studies. Their employment opportunities comprise working in hospitals, private clinics, correctional facilities, mental health care and treatment centers, study institutions, research agencies, and so on.

Qualifying Criteria of 4151 Psychologists:
•Normally it is likely that the applicants have at least a Masters degree or has a Doctoral Degree in the field of psychology if applying for immigration under this occupation.
•A candidate for Immigration under this category should have experience of at least one year in business services or management or associated field.
•A person must have experience of around 2-4 years; actual number of years of experience to apply under this occupation is dependent on many factors such as whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

Example Titles of 4151 Psychologists:
Psychologist – Counselling
Psychologist – Military
Psychologist, School
Behavioural Modification Psychologist
Behavioral Psychologist
Behavioral Therapist
Experimental Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist
Human Development Psychologist
Industrial Psychologist
Intern Psychologist
Chartered Psychologist
Child Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Cognitive Psychologist
Community Psychologist
Counselling Psychologist
Developmental Psychologist
Educational Psychologist
Registered Psychologist
Research Psychologist
School Psychologist
Social Psychologist
Sports Psychologist
Vocational Psychologist
Organizational Psychologist
Physiological Psychologist
Psychological Associate

Duties and Responsibilities of 4151 Psychologists for Immigration to Canada:
•Assist the patients deal with their physical and mental disorders.
•Make use of standard psychological tests.
• Psychologists provide therapy to the concerned patients. Diagnosing their behaviors and examining emotional disorders.

In addition to these, there are other such responsibilities in addition, which the candidate would be predictable to carry out. Just go for a previous assessment and enhance your chances for immigrating to Canada ask in comments below.


Chasey Lain said...

I am a psychologist and want to immigrate to Canada. Is it important to take IELTS for canadian immigration because my english is very weak

Comrade said...

Dear Ms. Lain,
IELTS is a very important requirement of Canadian immigration. You cannot qualify in the absence of IELTS

pankaj said...

hi i applied in this 4151 catagory in 2004 but i am still waiting. so what can i do? can i go throught fast tract?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have been an HR Officer in a manufacturing company for 15 years and 2 years in a school set-up. Can I qualify in this category (psychologist)? I have a pending FSW application in the Can Embassy since 2005. Do I have a chance of being considered under this category? What shall I do? Tnx!

Anonymous said...

I am a Bachelor of Science major in Psychology graduate. I worked as a computer training instructor for 3 years. Where will I fit in this category?

Anonymous said...

I an a psychologist with M.A in clinic psychology and about ten years of expriance. what lisance do i need to work as a psychologist in Canada? wood I need to do test or the documents from the university and my place of work are enough? thank you...

Anonymous said...

i am working as a school counsellor since 2 years. I have PhD in psychology with MA in psychology with specialization in clinical psychology. what are my chances of getting this visa? my PhD was related with positive psychology and had nthing to do with school counselling still do I fit in the category of a school psychologist or counseling psychologist?
Dr Samriddhi

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