Fraud Marriage Immigration to Canada

Consider this condition. A woman lives in India but has big plans to move to Canada. Additionally, she has some relatives living in Manitoba too. But at this time, she is not at all eager to get into any boring documentation process or go for a long wait. So, all she needs to do is find a Canadian groom and marry him! As simple as that… (Not a private opinion, but statistics indicate in this direction).

After marrying him, she would be given a PR status and later, all she is required to do is settle herself, begin a new life and abandon him. And those who get involved in fraud marriage hardly face exile.

As said by Richard Kurland, who is a Canadian immigration lawyer in Vancouver, it is one of the most critical and gigantic problems in the world of immigration. The only people who suffer and get hurt are the national of Canadians.

Every year, hundreds and hundreds of people get engage in fraud marriage (unions which are done for the purpose of Immigration). As far as the statistics are concerned, almost 45,000 people moved to the country as spouses in the year 2009.

In accordance with a spokesman from Canada Border Services Agency, last year 14,762 people faced deportation and so how many of them faced deportation due to fraud marriages.

Regardless of what the statistics say, marriages done for the purpose of immigration always face a threat of deportation sooner or later. Always go for authentic and legal path to immigrate to any country.


Anonymous said...

is it correct that international students in canada could apply for PR without getting work experience after graduation ???

Anonymous said...

Is it right to have lots of people come to Canada with fake identity n still lives here. Like the Manitoba nominee lots of them come here lying. I believe that immigration needs to open their eyes better . Is possible that one married rite after obtaining pr card put in for divorce. We need answers

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