Immigration Attorney Canada

An Immigration Attorney Canada may help you in all aspects of Canadian Immigration. There are a lot of rules and regulations leading Canada immigration that modify from year to year. The immigration attorney Canada is always up-to-date with these changes. These change owing to new rules like the current Action Plan for Faster Immigration that increased the figure of skilled workers coming in and reduced applicants in non-approved fields. Other reasons comprise the current recession or changes in government management.

For the year 2009, only 265,000 qualified applicants will be permissible into the country. These applications take about 12 to 26 months to process not including the application's homework time. Arrival after authorization must be within one year from the date of an applicant's medical tests. Though, work permits and temporary visas may need that the applicants move within a few months. A Canada Immigration Attorney is always aware of these facts in order to guide you more accurately.

The government of Canada no longer provides assistance with applications for immigration. Basic information, application strategy, and suggestions are obtainable, but it is up to the person, or a company hired by the person, to fill out the paperwork. Attorneys on Canada immigration can be hired to assist with the application process and decide the appropriateness of an applicant. They can respond lots of of the applicant's questions. Immigration laws are strict and may decline applications based on technicalities since they take delivery of so many.

So if you want a hassle free immigration to Canada, you may hire a Canada Immigration Attorney so as to process your case smoothly.


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