Ontario Provincial Nominee Program | Canadian Immigration

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program allow employers to file applications in order to get the endorsement to make use of overseas skilled workers in full-time Ontario job positions; and employ out of the country skilled workers to fill those positions. The employers who obtain the approval can employ foreign nationals through two different categories, viz.:

1. Foreign workers through the General Category and
2. Foreign students through the International Student Category

Opportunities Ontario is the name given to Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program, which eases the Canadian province to nominate abroad skilled people for permanent residence position. In other words, the program is designed to help Ontario employers to find and hire the necessary skills from the abroad market to work for them in Ontario. The program is like a benefit to Ontario employers as it gives them the freedom to hire the skilled workers they need.

On the persons or workers part, Opportunities Ontario is the way to immigrate and work, thus obtaining permanent residency in the province. On the other hand, it is not that easy as it sounds. So as to be able to immigrate under the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, abroad workers and students need to have a permanent job offer from an Ontario employer. Additionally, the offer must be from a participating employer in the program, in addition to the job title of an individual must be approved by the Opportunities Ontario. though, foreign students are exempted from the requirement of a full-time job offer, given they have a PhD/Masters degree from any of the Ontario publicly funded universities.


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