3222: Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists | Canada Immigration

The requirement of dental hygienists and dental therapists (NOC 3222) has grown significantly for last few years. This is for the reason that the growing consciousness among people about oral cleanliness and dental care. This is the cause that Dental hygienist has been incorporated in the list of twenty nine demanded occupations introduced by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada at 26 June 2010, under which an applicant can submit an application for immigration and everlasting resident status in Canada .

Qualifying Criteria of 3222 Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists for Immigration to Canada:

1. Must have an experience of at least one year as Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists.
2. Must have an experience of extra (besides one year as mentioned in three above) two to three years in other positions; general experience (post qualification) of two to four years.
3. They could be totally fledged Dentists who go onto perform related duties. They may have completed their college degree in this subject which may range from one to two years. Or they must have a degree of completion of course in dental hygiene under some renowned governing board of their province.

Duties and Responsibilities of 3222 Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists:
1. Dental hygienists are required perform the following tasks:
•To prevent any decay in tooth or roots, they remove stains or any solid material deposited in teeth.
•They help in the cleaning of the gums of the patient to avoid any gum diseases.
•They may be asked to supervise the dental assistants as well.
•They also perform the fluoride treatment if required.
•If required, they take X-rays of the patient and also develop its reports.
•Under the instruction of the dentist, they may even be asked to carry out orthodontic procedures.
•They consult with other dentists in relation with patient’s care.
•They asses the patient’s problem and conduct the necessary dental assessment.
•They observe the patient’s dental problems.
•They also counsel the patients on various oral hygiene issues.

2. Dental therapists are required to perform some/all of the following tasks:

•They can even be asked to do the supervision of the work of dental assistants.
•They also perform basic tasks such as drilling and filling the cavities, extracting teeth.
•They also perform the task of removing stains or any solid deposits from tooth.
•They perform the treatment of applying fluoride.
•They also counsel the patient on oral hygiene to avoid any dental problem.
•They consult with the dentists on various issues in relation to patient’s care.
•They conduct the dental assessments of the patient.
•They note down the dental observations.
•They could be asked to take X-rays of the patient and also develop its reports.

Separately from above, there can be other duties which can be predictable from the expert to perform. If you are either a Dental Hygienists or Dental Therapists who accomplish the above requirements and eager to migrate to Canada, you can write to us in comments below.


Anonymous said...

Is there an enterance exam required for Irish hygienists?

Comrade said...

Yes, you might require after landing in canada

mary said...

can irish dentists [5-6 yrs experience] work as dental hygienists/therapists in canada without having to do another exam or training programme beforehand?

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