Advertising and Marketing Jobs in Quebec!

Potential Immigration Applicants connected with the field of “Advertising and Marketing” have wonderful opportunities to make it big in Quebec. The province is adorned with abundance of major and minor advertising and marketing firms which provides sufficient job opportunities in different fields linked with this profession. Some of these personnel and departments are:

•Marketing Head:
The department can be found in both advertising and marketing agencies or in the previous one. The task of the applicant linked with the field of marketing is “market” the product of his corporation in such a way that it does not look spam.

•Creative Department:
This department consists of Copywriters, creative heads and art-directors. As the name propose, all the creativity can be establish in this department as these people write scripts, advertising copies and each creative process which forms a vital part of all the advertising and marketing agencies.

•Account Department:
“Account” means “Client.” as a result the task of Account manager is to liaise with clients. He needs to appreciate the needs of the clients and work intimately with both the creative team as well as the client to pass the needs of each department to one another.

•Media Service Department:
Media Planning is what these people do the best!

•Graphic Designer:
Without him, an advertising copy will only remain a piece of paper! A graphic designer brings life to the ad.

The ads which are created by the copywriters are shaped by the production department. From the initial phase to the execution stage and till the release, producers are concerned in all the stages.
Additionally, there are other departments too. Consequently people linked with “Advertising and Marketing” have high range to make a career in Quebec. Some of the agencies in the province are: Nk Communications Enr, Neon Lasalle Inc, Journal Le Lac St-Jean, Gescom Communication Marketing Enr, and Design S A B Inc, to name a few.


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